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“Photography lets you peek into another’s soul...and it lets you examine your own.”

Long fascinated by photographs as an observer, Sinéad McKeown started with a FujiFilm FinePix F10 point & shoot camera in 2006. After successfully exhibiting and selling her work, she felt that she had found a means of expressing her fascination with nature and of the unnoticed things that surround us all.
Sinéad moved to a DSLR in 2009, but because of her start on a point & shoot, remains committed to the idea of “the eye before the equipment” - that is, that the vision of the person behind the camera outweighs the importance of the gear. Keeping that premise in mind, Sinéad has a keen interest in the low-fi method of macro photography called “Reverse lens macro” and is also very involved in the mobile phone photography movement.
While she enjoys many different genres of photography, Sinéad mainly focuses her efforts on macro and abstract photography.